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Word of Hope Ministries Celebrates

28 Years of Community Service

Over Two Decades of Dedication & Impact!

28th Anniversary

May 1996 – May 2024

Word of Hope Ministries is proud to celebrate 28 years of dedicated service to the community. Founded by Bishop C. H. McClelland, this organization has tirelessly worked to address the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and families in Milwaukee. Offering a wide range of services—including employment training, health care, social services, business development, and education programs—Word of Hope Ministries continues to empower and uplift those in need, following the example set by Christ.

Bishop C.H. McClelland & Mrs. Prentiss McClelland

Who we are

Nurturing Hope, Serving Souls: Inspired by the Model of Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ provided the perfect model for holistic ministry, and it is by this example that we choose to model this ministry.




Social Services


Business Development


Health Care


Financial Literacy


Computer Technology

Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. provides an array of services that support the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and families in the community.

What We Offer

Programs & Services at No Cost

WOHM Programs & Services

Health Care

Offering blood pressure and diabetic screenings, a tailored nutritional program, and seamless health care referrals.

WOHM Programs & Services


Empowering individuals through work readiness training, resume workshops, and honing essential interviewing skills.

WOHM Programs & Services

Social Services

Providing personalized assessment and counseling, alongside essential referrals for basic needs like housing and food.

WOHM Programs & Services

Business Development Program

Empowering entrepreneurial dreams: Offering tailored technical assistance to Women, Veteran, and BIPOC small businesses.

WOHM Programs & Services

Computer Technology/GED

Our program equips individuals with basic computer skills and access to GED/HSED courses in collaboration with MATC.

WOHM Programs & Services


Offering individual counseling, support groups, and intervention/prevention services to combat alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse.

Our Founder & President

Bishop C. H. McClelland


Visionary Leadership


“Black Excellence” Award Honoree


BA Degree from Marquette University


Jurisdictional Prelate


Pardon Advisory Board Member


Honorary Doctor of Divinity

Born from Bishop C. H. McClelland’s visionary leadership at Holy Cathedral Church Of God In Christ, Inc., Word of Hope Ministries Inc. emerged with a mission to address the pressing human needs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On May 5, 1996, the Word of Hope Family Technology Resource Center (WOHFRC) was inaugurated, marking the inception of a transformative journey.

Bishop McClelland’s involvement in a task force dedicated to developing Family Technology Resources in Milwaukee laid the foundation for the first Family Technology Resource Center (FTRC) at a community site. After a year of dedicated work, Word of Hope’s Family Technology Resource Center opened its doors on April 20, 1998.

Today, Word of Hope Ministries stands as a vital subsidiary of Holy Cathedral COGIC, encompassing WOHFRC and FTRC as integral components.


What People Say About Our Programs and Services.

The ATODA program at Word of Hope Ministries has been a lifeline for me. The individual counseling and support groups provided a safe space for my recovery journey.

Trent Williams


Enrolling in the Computer Technology Lab at Word of Hope Ministries was a game-changer for my career. I now feel confident and prepared for success.

Carla Jackson


The Diverse Business Development Program exceeded my expectations. The 8-week cohort is not just a course; it’s a transformative journey from vision to implementation.

Kevin Barnes


A Better solution

Great Resources for the Community

Because the government is becoming increasingly limited in providing various services, the church is becoming more of a resource for the needs of the community. Word of Hope Ministries, Inc. is committed to helping persons in need.


Support Groups

Where individuals can share experiences and receive encouragement.


GED/HSED Courses

Collaborative efforts with MATC to provide opportunities for further education.


Resume Workshops

Providing guidance on crafting effective resumes to enhance job prospects.


Financial Literacy

Empowering individuals with the skills needed to achieve financial well-being.